Dezhou Fencheng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. Our company specializing in the production of Automobile alternator, generator rotor coils, and rectifier bridges.. At present, the company has more than 1000 product models, which are suitable for European and American car systems (including German cars), Japanese car systems, and domestic car systems. Since its establishment, Fencheng has been positioning the development concept of quality "Fencheng" in product quality, corporate culture construction, service system and other aspects. The team consistently adheres to this original intention, providing stable high-quality products for the market, building a safe and promising growth space for employees, and building the advantages of the brand to help the healthy development of the industry.

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By virtue of the advantages of the brand, the company establishes the brand culture and helps the healthy development of the industry. Our products cover the national market, constantly innovate and improve product quality to meet the new market demand, and wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.


39 Auto Parts Companies Announce Performance Forecast Nearly 90% Net Profit Growth

According to Flush statistics, as of January 5, a total of 39 listed auto parts companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have announced their 2016 annual report performance forecasts. Among them, only one of Jingu shares has predicted a net profit loss; according to the forecast net profit In terms of the maximum change range, nearly 90% of the companies have achieved net profit growth, and only 4 companies expect net profit to decline year-on-year.

Jan 08,2024

2017 auto parts: China turnover contribution will reach 39%

The China Business Industry Research Institute's "Analysis Report on China's Auto Parts Market Potential and Investment Prospects from 2015 to 2020" pointed out that the turnover of China's auto parts market from 2011 to 2015 will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.4, and will further grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6 from 2015 to 2017, which is higher than the global market growth rate during the relevant period. The competitiveness of China's auto parts in the global market is becoming increasingly strong.

Jan 08,2024

Functional characteristics of the generator

The voltage change rate of the synchronous generator is about 20-40%. General industrial and household loads require that the voltage remain essentially constant. For this reason, as the load current increases, the excitation current must be adjusted accordingly. Although the trend of the adjustment characteristics is the opposite of the external characteristics, it rises for inductive and purely resistive loads, and generally decreases under capacitive loads.

Jan 08,2024

Car fuel injector oil leakage will cause the engine to idle?

Oil leakage from the fuel injector of a car will cause the engine to tremble at idling speed, and the gasoline dripping into the cylinder will make the mixture too rich, and the mixture too rich will cause difficulty in starting the engine. If the fuel injection nozzle carbon deposition is more serious, may lead to a slight drip phenomenon. Car friends can add additives that can remove carbon deposits to the fuel tank when refueling, so that the carbon deposits on the fuel injector can be removed.

Jan 08,2024


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